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Yes, Growthjack imagines and rekindles your passion for growth with low-cost valuable and effective marketing using creative and precise strategies and with data, insights and outcomes at its core. We are obsessive, curious and analytical.

Our focus is priority setting, brand messaging, identifying channels for customer acquisition, measuring success and scaling business and brand.

Here are the top 6 reasons to hire us as your next growth partner.

  1. Quality checks, dedicated support and free reporting

  2. Exhaustive reporting that measures metrics like Domain Authority, PageRank, and Backlink Quality and includes recommendations for improvements and optimisations

  3. Proprietary reputation score that measures your online perception and more

  4. Access to publishers, influencers, broadcasters, bloggers and more in your target market

  5. Access to a proprietary domain and keyword analysis service

  6. Access to premium partners, their tools and services

A digital marketing company focuses on offering all services in the marketing mix - product, price, place, promotion - through digital channels. A digital marketing company will look for ways to utilise digital platforms to fuel growth.

Here are the top 5 reasons to hire a digital marketing company:

  1. Outsource for growth

    Outsource: “to arrange for someone outside a company to do work or provide goods for that company.” [Oxford Learners Dictionary]

    The core motivation to outsource, Wikipedia says, is financial savings from economies of scale and specialisation. Outsourcing customer acquisition goals save you the hassle, cost and time of implementing programs that may not meet your expectations.

    By onboarding a team of specialists, you ensure that your attention is on results and achieving your business objectives.

  2. Get more customers to your business

    When you hire a digital marketing agency for sales or retention, chances are you come in with expectations of results. As part of the scope of work, you may ask for regular reporting, detailed analytics, and progress reports. From media buying strategies or Pay Per Click strategies to organic growth strategies employing SEO and content marketing, a digital marketing agency will help lead customers to your store or business.

    Don’t worry if you’ve tried running Google or FB ads yourself without results. You need specialists to drive sales on your marketing spend.

  3. Digital marketing agencies have access to better tools and resources

    There are digital tools out there that sell because they give you an edge over your competitors. They may facilitate research, help measure outcomes or even give you another channel to reach out to your customers. Digital marketing agencies have access to tools, resources and technology that may cost you more depending on your usage.

  4. Scale as your grow

    You always start somewhere. As you grow, your needs and requirements change. Having a consistent performer as a partner helps you scale to meet the growing needs of your business. You choose the activities undertaken or the budgets. You may change goals, strategies or tactics as your business scales.

  5. Work with experts

    When you hire a specialised digital marketing agency, you may rest easy that experts are at the helm of your affairs and the project is run by experienced professionals. You get great advice, better and more efficient processes, market intelligence and effective management.

While larger agencies offer more resources, smaller agencies may have more agile teams and a faster turnaround. When looking to hire a digital marketing agency, prioritise your needs.

Production quality for creative work is a great differentiator. For any marketing agency, the ability to churn quality work gives customers another reason to purchase and your community a chance to recall your brand.

When looking at platform-specific goals, for instance, sales on Amazon or Google shopping, get in touch with certified experts who bring expertise and creativity.

Remember that there are more than one way and more than one strategy to generate growth for your business. When hiring a digital marketing company, look for dedicated support. Fast-tracking growth increases costs while sustainable strategies mean term growth. Set expectations early.

Hiring a certified digital marketing agency ensures that you may rely on them for their expertise. They will know more than one ways to advance your business objectives and bring more customers. Get experts to grow your brand.

A customer-centric digital agency indicates that the customer is at the top of its agenda. So no matter what, they will do their best to satisfy your needs and demands. With dedicated support, a 24x7 hotline and multiple contact points, it’ll always be easy to get things done and meet deadlines with customer-centric digital marketing agencies.

Yes, Growthjack offers multiple automation services that help you save costs and lower the need for manual intervention. From mailer campaigns and social media management to media buying, our automation ensures that you get expected results and save costs by being effective and efficient.
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