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Integrated Advertising Services

Guided by fluid marketing methodologies, build a brand that’s ready not just for a dynamic market but to change overall.

Instead of getting bogged down by budgets, formats and platforms, focus on the results and the image you want to create.

It’s easy to confuse popular opinion with real advice. In the age of sustainability, Growthjack’s Fluid Marketing Techniques will help your brand grow fast and stay there for the times to come. Create ripples, make waves or flood your competition, track your moves and stay ahead. To take the hassle away in building brands from ground up or from any stage of its growth, get past the founder’s block and meet us for a candid conversation.


Media Planning and Buying

Don’t let mountains of words and blind texts hide your message. Great media planning is a systematic process of research, perusal, negotiation and decision making. Growthjack’s Fluid Marketing techniques ensure our fundamentals are as strong as a lively river.

Get the best buys at the most attractive rates in media that will matter. Like in the case of politics, popular is not always effective, and pitches are not always plain facts. Get a focus on your audience where they are, when they are and no matter what they are doing; Growthjack’s fluid marketing methodology ensures that your audiences never drift away from your brand no matter how strong the tide is.


Content Marketing & Content Production

The digital marketing industry is consistently abuzz with new terminologies, and it’s easy to get lost in them. The basics remain the same. Easy to consume organic messaging is the fundamental of Growthjack’s fluid marketing techniques.

Growthjack’s content marketing and content production services ensure that every piece content is not just optimized but built for the media it is going on and targets that category of your audience. Meticulous content of any form and format with a core of strong messaging does wonders for brand perception and image. From AB testing to keeping track of what works and what doesn’t, your message will not only reach the right people but will also work to give you results.


Brand Identity & Logo Design

Brand image or identity is what your gut and instincts tell you as a founder and not what customers perceive it to be. This is a feeling that is not easy to draw out, and even more challenging is to put this down on paper.

If this exercise is not clear and the results uncertain, you may end up with something like an abstract picture. The audience will attempt to weave their version of your story and make a perception of your brand on that basis alone. Growthjack's brand design and identitiy solutions ensure that your brand's perception follows your own vision.


Photography, Videography & Visual Design

Whether digital or TV, visuals have proven to be the most effective form of communication. Use text, audio and pictures to fulfill the goal of your advertising and PR strategy.

From scripting to complete execution of your creative and video production within the toughest deadlines, Growthjack’s Fluid Marketing Philosophy ensures that your communication is easily assimilated within your target group.

You can start with any budget and with higher expectations. Growthjack’s inhouse video-production team has the best talent and has delivered results to numerous corporate groups in the least amount of time.


Integrated Events and Solutions

Growthjack started as an offline and online experience agency. Our Fluid Marketing Philosophy and Approach emanates from our focus on the user and their journey of brand consumption, both in the real and the virtual world.

We have a rich experience in building and executing comprehensive and researched communication and marketing campaigns. From B2B to B2C events, Growthjack has been an effective source of event solutions for SME’s, MSME’s and multinational conglomerates with varying degrees of media spending.


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